An underlay or system floor under a LVT floor

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Installatie Floorfixx optimum

Duralay Multi-fit

If you are going to install a LVT floor, you can choose an underlay or a system (under) floor as a substrate. If there is a level base floor, you can go with an underlayment such as the versatile Duralay Muli-fit that is only 1.5mm thick.

This roller product, as the name conceals, is MULTI functional:

  • It improves noise reduction
  • Improves foot comfort
  • Masks small surface imperfections
  • IMO flame retardant underlay

(so also extremely suitable also for marine vessels, offshore installations, hotels and any location where flame retardancy is a must)

Moreover, Multi-fit can be mounted in a variety of ways. Detached, single stick or double stick. Depending on the installation requirements regarding the LVT floor.

Floorfixx optimum

If there is a poor base floor, choose the Floorfixx optimum. This is a system floor with a unique self-adhesive layer, eliminating the need for traditional adhesives.

  • Quick installation due to self-adhesive layer
  • No use traditional adhesives
  • Renovation of poor base floors in favor of LVT dryback strips and tiles
  • No waiting/drying times and immediately loadable
  • Evens out unevenness and provides maximum stability
  • Guarantees a tight flat base for your installation
  • Insulates impact sound and meets the 10dB standard set by the CoE

Whatever you choose, always obtain information first.
Our team is ready for you!

You can reach them at +31 (0)413-427 427 or at info@estillon.nl

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