Energy-neutral business operations

Sustainable energy & energy-neutral production

An energy-neutral world

So how do you create a healthy living environment? Our ambition is not to limit climate change but, indeed, to solve it. To neutralise excess CO2. So we take the most pride in the decrease of our CO2 footprint. Even more important: as of 2019, our production is even energy-neutral thanks to our investment in sustainable energy.

Sustainable energy from our solar panels

Our commercial building has been equipped with 496 solar panels since 2019. These panels generate some 152,251 kWh per year: enough to power our entire chain of production. Thanks to this form of sustainable energy, we as a production organisation are energy-neutral and we consume just as much energy as we generate. So we’re both completely energy-neutral and CO2-neutral.

Zonnenpanelen op het dak biJ Estillon

However: being energy-neutral goes beyond sustainable energy

Our investment in solar panels is one thing, but our personnel are even more. There’s a reason that that P for People in CSR is just as important as the rest: because without your people, you simply can’t work on the other Ps. Finally, being energy-neutral goes beyond generating sustainable energy. We share our plans with all of the teams and we see the sustainable way of thinking taking shape on the work floor. For example, the coffee machine used to be on all night; a time clock now ensures that this is turned off at the end of the working day. This was thanks to a keen suggestion from a colleague.

Sustainable relationships with environmentally aware entrepreneurs

Together with other sustainable companies, we’re working on as green a transport chain as possible. We now order only completely full containers and we have Van den Heuvel Logistiek deliver our products. This is a local transport company that treats transport kilometres as consciously and efficiently as possible. It’s great to see how we take responsibility for the climate together. How we strive towards an energy-neutral operation together. But we keep at it: we have even more plans to make Estillon even more energy-neutral as a production organisation.