Environmentally friendly produced underlays

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Best Base 100% recycled underlays

Environmentally friendly produced underlays

Recycling is essential in a world in which resources are not unlimited. Estillon has always been busy separating our plastic, scrap wood and paper. In addition, we promote insulating underlays in order to keep the heat that is generated indoors.

Producing sustainable floors: that has always been our objective.

Estillon Green Choice

The more we can make from old raw materials, the fewer new raw materials we require. And this benefits the earth. So: how do we deploy residual materials creatively to develop sustainable floors that contribute to the circular economy?

Best Base collection
A good example of how we do this is our Best Base collection. An underlay range made from a 100% recycled mix of high quality clean recycled polyurethane foam. Which guarantees a stable and sustainable installation.

This lightweight PU foam is easily processed and has a very high impact recovery capability.


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