Floorfixx optimum

Floorfixx Optimum

Install subfloors without using traditional glue!

Do you want to make the most of your time? Estillon has the solution! The new Floorfixx optimum will save you a lot of time. Floorfixx optimum is the subfloor for LVT Dryback. Floorfixx optimum is a system floor with a unique self-adhesive layer which eliminates the need for traditional glue. The convenient lip-weld connection ensures a quick and efficient installation. The floor is immediately load-bearing, so there is no need for waiting or drying times.

Why choose Floorfixx optimum?

  • Rapid installation due to self-adhesive layer
  • No use of traditional glue
  • Renovation of poor subfloors under LVT Dry Back strips and tiles with thicknesses of at least 2.5 mm
  • No waiting/drying times and can bear load immediately
  • Levels out unevenness and provides maximum stability
  • Guarantees a flat, solid base for your installation