Floorfixx pallet promo

Floorfixx pallet promo

Floorfixx Palletpromo

When you purchase 20 or 40 packs of Floorfixx regular, Floorfixx comfort or Floorfixx optimum, you will temporarily receive 4 or 8 packs for free. With a purchase of 40 packs, this is as much as 22 m² free.

You can order the pallet action through the wholesaler. Delivery is in March and April 2024.

Do you have any questions about the promotion? Please contact our Customer Service team

Customer Service team tel. +31(0) 413 427 427/ info@estillon.nl

Floorfixx pallet-actie. 40+8 gratis pakken
Floorfixx optimum, systeemvloer
Floorfixx regular, systeemvloer
Floorfixx comfort, systeemvloer

Work faster

Do you also want to reduce the installation time of installing a floor? Meet Floorfixx, the system flooring range from Estillon.

With the Floorfixx system floors you create easily and quickly, an insulating and beautiful smooth underlay. The underlay is immediately loadable. Because you don’t have to wait, you save a lot of time compared to wet leveling. Leveled and installing the floor within one day!

Floorfixx system floors isolate impact sound. In fact, the entire range meets the 10 dB standard set by the Homeowners Association in the Netherlands.

Floorfixx system floors are time-saving, simple and clean.

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