People & Development

Team Estillon 2024

Happy personnel, part of the CSR performance ladder

CSR: good for the organisation, the environment & humanity

We consider it important to be a good employer to our personnel. After all, where would you be without your employees? Corporate social responsibility and sustainable enterprise both start with a team full of motivated and enthusiastic people. There’s a good reason that People is one of the three CSR pillars. That’s why we take care of our people and take responsibility for their health and working pleasure. After all, they’re working at our company five days every week.

Lifelong learning

One of the most important components of happiness at work is the possibility for self-development. We are honoured that our team wants to keep growing. That’s why we encourage curiosity and the wish to learn by paying for up to 100% of study costs. Our study scheme enables employees to develop themselves both in breadth and depth.

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Healthy at work

In addition to investing in ambition, we also invest in health. For example, we provide fresh fruit at work each day and, since our relocation, we work in even greener surroundings. We consider it important to remain critical of our working environment. Because – how healthy is it to lift heavy loads each day? We work with heavy materials every day: for us, this is reason enough to make the reduction of unnecessary lifting motions part of our CSR plan. Better yet: we have already had an automatic entry machine installed that takes over this heavy work.

CSR and sustainable enterprise mean investing in the future

We were already busy investing in our people. But thanks to the CSR performance ladder, this is now in even sharper focus. So we certainly have the ambition to improve the working climate even more in the coming year.