Estillon includes carpet underlays with an IMO certification in its product line for use in ships. These certified products are recognisable by the CE approval mark in the shape of a wheel. According to IMO (the International Maritime Organization), Estillon products have outstanding fire-resistant properties and the quality of the production process is guaranteed.

Fenix Base is an IMO-certified carpet underlay from the Best Base range, available in various thicknesses. This high-quality carpet underlay made from composite polyurethane foam distinguishes Fenix Base from other IMO-certified underlays on the market. The top-grade composite foam gives the carpet optimum comfort and durability. Fenix Base is produced in our factory in the Netherlands.

Oceanbase Contract FR is produced from high quality recycled rebond polyurethane foam. This lightweight polyurethane foam guarantees a stable and durable installation and increase the experience of luxury and comfort of the carpet. Oceanbase Contract FR is for project marine.

To get an impression of the kinds of projects in which Estillon’s products have been installed, please refer to the following list: Marine projects.

You can download the Hospitality brochure here.