Our mission: sustainable underlays

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Product innovations that contribute to a circular economy

Our mission: sustainable underlays

In a world where resources are not unlimited, recycling is indispensable. The more we make from old raw materials, the less new raw materials we need. And that only benefits the earth.

Using materials such as PET bottles, recycled polyurethane and old car tires, our underlays not only provide a high-quality base for flooring, but also help reduce waste.

Finity underlay | Green choice by Estillon
Best Base underlays by Estillon
71676-Elegance Black


Finity underlays gives plastic waste a second life by recycling PET bottles into PET needle felt yarn. Instead of ending up in landfills or the ocean, these bottles are turned into sustainable underlays.

Best Base

Estillon’s Best Base collection includes eco-friendly underlays made from 100% recycled polyurethane foam. The collection includes several brands with their own specifications and variations.

Egalsoft anti-slip ondertapijt
Duralay underlays | by Interfloor ltd


Egalsoft® is made of impregnated nonwoven material made from recycled textile fibers. It is robust and hard-wearing, which makes it long-lasting and requires less frequent replacement. This underlay is easily recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Duralay Durafit

Old tires are recycled into underlays by grinding them and combining them with other materials, creating a resilient and durable floor base. The Duralay Durafit is an example of this and has been used successfully in thousands of installations worldwide.

Estillon Green Choice

Recycled underlays offer a win-win for both the environment and consumers. They reduce waste, lower the carbon footprint while providing a high-quality base for various types of underlays.

Our sustainable products are easily identified by the Green Choice logo. As a result, you always make the right choice and together with you, we make the world a little better.

Green Choice assortment

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