People, Planet, Profit

We choose green

Social responsibility and sustainable enterprise with CSR


Why we do business sustainably

We are used to living in a world in which everything appears possible and infinite. But is everything truly unlimited? During the opening of our new building, guest speaker André Kuipers inspired us in any case: “The earth is like a spaceship with limited supplies”. And you have to deal sparingly with limited supplies.

It’s the same with our planet. Once everything is gone, we’re finished. Fortunately, as humans, we still have a considerable influence on the future of the earth. There are countless sustainable solutions that will allow us to enjoy this beautiful blue marble for longer. Let’s make grateful use of these and get into action!

Sustainable products, sustainable relationships, sustainable business


In 2015, Estillon started with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): in our opinion, the best way for an organisation to take care of the climate. With the three Ps – People, Planet and Profit – we ensure a balance that is healthy for the environment, people and the organisation.

The three Ps are therefore the basis of CSR. The aim is to ensure that they are in balance. Too much focus on Profit is often at the expense of the other Ps. That is why we spread this focus and commit to sustainable enterprise: sustainable products, sustainable relationships and a sustainable future.

Level III on the CSR performance ladder


This goes step-by-step. We were already on the right track, so just a couple of changes were necessary to achieve CSR level III. We are still busy every day implementing changes to keep the three Ps in even better balance within our organisation.

We do sustainable enterprise together

And we’re glad to share how we do that. The secret of sustainable enterprise is a secret for sharing. Because the more organisations start focusing on the CSR performance ladder, the better. That’s why we share thoughts in a workgroup about how to make the Uden industrial estate completely CO2-neutral. Together, we search actively for collaborations to make energy flows even more sustainable!