Soundproofing underlays

Soundproofing underlays

To prevent noise nuisance, the installation of soundproofing underlays is extremely important. Various factors are important when selecting the proper underlay. So don’t make hasty decisions: make sure the underlay that you select ultimately satisfies the noise reduction requirements. If you don’t do so, you run the risk of having to rip out the floor and purchase yet another underlay.

Why install noise insulation in floors?

In apartments and multiple-floor buildings, agreements are often made about acceptable levels of noise in order to counter noise nuisance. What’s more, in the Netherlands, several standards have even been established concerning noise reduction in floors and underlays. This is done to prevent noise nuisance. A recognisable noise problem is walking noise on the floor, for example. These could be ticking heels or plodding footsteps, for example. But slamming doors and music can also lead to annoyance and noise nuisance as well. A noise-insulating underlay can work miracles in these cases. A sound-absorbing underlay ensures that contact noise is attenuated, since you’re addressing the problem at its source. In addition, a good underlay can contribute to the lifespan of your carpet, laminate floor, parquet or tiling.

So get good advice in order to select a noise reducing underlay that, combined with the type of floor you choose, doesn’t exceed noise reduction standards. While choosing the right underlay is important, it’s also important that the installation of the underlay and the floor are done professionally. Estillon provides professional tools to install floor coverings properly and expertly.

Which soundproofing underlays are suitable for which type of floor?

Various types of floors are available, along with various types of underlays. So how do you know which noise-absorbing underlay is suitable for your space and your floor? When installing a floor in an acoustic space, you have to make the right choice. You can select an underlay to prevent noise nuisance, for example.

But there are also technical solutions that you can apply – namely, Floorfixx underlays. Floorfixx underlays come with the TÜV Rheinland mark of quality. This means that these underlays satisfy the requirements set. They achieve noise reduction of 10dB ΔLlin and are also certified.

Benefits of soundproofing underlays

  • Renovation of poor base floors for linoleum, resilient vinyl, LVT strips/slats, carpet and carpet/vinyl tiles
  • Levels out unevenness and provides maximum stability
  • Insulates contact noise and complies with the 10 dB standard set by homeowners’ associations