Recycling and circular product innovations

Estillon Product Recycling

Product innovations that contribute to a circular economy

Our mission: sustainable floors

In a world where resources are not unlimited, recycling is indispensable. Estillon has always been busy separating our plastic, scrap wood and paper. In addition, we promote insulating underlays in order to keep the heat that is generated indoors.
Producing sustainable floors: that has always been our objective.

Active in the circular economy

But we ask ourselves: is this truly everything that we can do as a company? We went out to investigate in order to participate in the circular economy ourselves. Because – why don’t we ourselves simply try to recycle and reuse? The more we can make from old raw materials, the fewer new raw materials we require. And this benefits the earth. So: how do we deploy residual materials creatively to develop sustainable floors that contribute to the circular economy?

Product innovations with the climate in mind

From Best Base to Finity and from Egalsoft to Standard Felt: we have been actively innovating in sustainable products that contribute to a circular economy. All of these product lines consist of sustainable underlays and insulating under-carpets made of recycled materials such as:

  • Reused polyurethane foam
  • Textile fibres
  • Recycled rubber granules
  • Old PET bottles
Finity proces

Durable Estillon underlays

Furthermore, we also want to see our own underlays returning to the circular economy. Thanks to woven carpet combined with self-adhesive underlays, glue is no longer necessary when installing the underlays. The result? Underlays that themselves can be recycled.

A complete circle for a better climate

This brings us directly to our future plans: giving these underlays a new life at Estillon. Nothing is more beautiful than supplying cradle-to-cradle underlays. This way, we deal responsibly with what we have, the circle is complete and we don’t exhaust the earth further.

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