What is the best tape to use?

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What is the best tape to use?

Are you looking for a suitable tape for the right application? You’ll find the right tape for most common applications in our broad assortment.

For example, to install carpet, PVC or vinyl, for example, you need tape that has good adhesion and guaranteed stability. Tapiton Stair tape is particularly well suited for affixing PVC and vinyl flooring. This tape doesn’t dry out or become brittle.  For joining up moisture barriers, you need Tapiton Alu tape. There’s a proper tape for every job.

We’ve made a list of the various tapes so that your choice is easier and clearer.

Tapes for securing sub-floors and underlays

When installing a floor, you can choose to secure it with tape. We offer the Taption Flex tape for permanent fixation of PVC, vinyl and carpet. It’s a 50 mm-wide, professional tape made of polyester. Resistant to plasticising agents and can be processed manually. Can be used on any sub-floor.

Tapiton TSA is best for temporary fastening of carpet (e.g. at trade fairs and events). This is a removable, double-sided tape, 50 mm wide.

For use on stairs, you need a special tape: Tapiton Stair. Extremely resistant to plasticising agents, suitable for use with PVC (also for stair edges and baseboards) and vinyl floors. Tapiton Stair tape doesn’t dry out or become brittle. Available in 3 widths: 30, 60 and 100 mm.

Need to (temporarily) install one carpet over another? Then double-sided Tapiton Excel carpet tape is the best choice. This 50 mm-wide tape has polyester backing to guarantee stability. The carpet fibres remain intact when removing the tape. Good to know.


Vapour-impermeable tapes

Need to seal your seams 100% moisture-proof? We have 2 variants of tape for this. The 50 mm-wide Tapiton Alu is used for vapour-impermeable sealing of PE moisture barriers and underlays with a vapour barrier.

For vapour-proof installation of underlay panels, the multi-applicable 48 mm-wide seam tape is the perfect choice. With its extra-reinforced backing, this tape is excellent both for sealing underlay panels and for other packaging applications.

Tapiton tapes

Other tapes

Need tape for closing boxes, securing products or painting? Check out our Tapiton Box, Tapiton Duct and Tapiton Paint tapes.

The box tape is a universal, transparent packaging tape 48 mm wide. Tapiton Duct is a high-value, water-repellent duct tape. For when things have to be tightly taped! Painter’s tape is essential when painting. 25 mm Tapiton Paint has relatively high adhesive force for a removable tape. Don’t forget to remove this tape (within 24 hours) after painting. This will prevent damage and glue residue.

Most tapes are available in varying lengths. Tapiton Stair and Tapiton Excel are also available in various widths.

Tapiton tapes
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