Hospitality Collection: underlays for the hospitality industry,
shipping and other commercial applications

In the hospitality industry there are strict requirements for noise standards and fire safety. Our products have excellent fire resistant properties. Naturally equipped with the
required certificates.

Estillon supplies major players in the hospitality industry and works with hotel chains such as Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International and the Steigenberger Hotel Group. Our products have been successfully installed in numerous projects in the Netherlands and abroad.

Estillon has the right underlay for every area in your hotel, whether these are heavy traffic areas, conference rooms or guest rooms. We can also provide the right solution for special preferences such as renovation projects or criteria regarding flame retardancy.

Estillon includes carpet underlays with an IMO certification in its product line for use in ships. These certified products are recognisable by the CE approval mark in the shape of a wheel. According to IMO (the International Maritime Organization), Estillon products have outstanding fire-resistant properties and the quality of the production process is guaranteed.

The Quiet room® Label Concept was introduced by the Sound Insulation Knowledge Centre (Kenniscentrum Geluidsisolatie – KGI) in 2015. This is the first and only objective quality certificate for hotels in terms of soundproofing.

With the Quiet room® label, hotels can generate added value for their guests; The guests are then guaranteed a stay in a quiet room. But with this certificate, property owners are also a step ahead when it comes to selling their properties to hotel chains.