Egalsoft anti-slip ondertapijt

Install more metres in less time!

Carpet has a luxurious appearance. It lays beautifully and tightly and radiates comfort. The right underlay further enhances this luxurious appearance and comfort.

Estillon’s Egalsoft® underlays meet all requirements for high-quality flooring.

Egalsoft® is an underlay that provides a durable and easy installation. The top layer consists of a PES non-woven fleece on an impregnated needle felt for a stable base to glue onto. The leveling underlayer is provided with an anti slip treated layer.

The benefits of Egalsoft® are evident during installation: the self-adhesive anti-slip underlayer not only saves youa lot of glue but also a lot of labor time.

Why use Egalsoft®?

  • Firstly, Egalsoft® is equipped with anti-slip properties. In principle, you do not need any other adhesive*
  • Ideal if you want to take the floor with you when moving
  • Installation is sustainable and easy, Egalsoft® is easy to cut
  • No damage to the base floor due to the absorbent system
  • Good sound insulation (27dB) and heat insulation
  •  Very good leveling and recovery properties
  • Protects and extends the life of the carpet

*For heavy-duty applications, we advise laying Egalsoft® in anti-slip adhesive.

Egalsoft® is available in 2 variants. Egalsoft 6.5 mm and Egalsoft FR 6.5 mm. The Egalsoft FR has a Fire Retardant Euroclass Bfl-S1 & ASTM certificate.

Both underlays are suitable for household and project use. With these underlays, Estillon has already completed various impressive and leading projects, such as hotels, ships, and casinos both nationally and internationally.

Did you know?

Since 1993, millions of square metres of Egalsoft® carpet underlay have been used hassle-free in many homes – more than 20 million square metres!

The benefits of Egalsoft® are clear when you lay it. The self-adhesive non-slip bottom layer saves not only litres of glue, but also your completion time as it reduces your work

You can cover more metres in less time! Removing it is also quick and easy. The carpet and the Egalsoft®are removed in one movement