Whisper 10dB ondervloer

“The silent underlay for Rigid-Core and LVT Click"

Have you noticed that the demand for sound-insulating floors is increasing? And specifically for underlays that meet the 10dB standard. Estillon is introducing two new underlays that meet this 10dB standard: Whisper underlays.

Whisper underlays provide very high impact sound reduction. These subfloors meet the strictest requirements for Dutch apartment buildings and are certified with the TÜV Rheinland mark of quality for 10 dB subfloors.

In addition to noise reduction, Whisper underlays offer other benefits. The overlap and self-adhesive strip ensure easy installation. To protect the click connection these underlays have a very high pressure resistance.

Other advantages are the low build-up height of only 1 mm and the fact that Whisper is extremely suitable for use in combination with underfloor heating.

All Whisper advantages

  • Excellent sound insulation of up to 13dB Δllin
  • TÜV certified
  • Overlap and self-adhesive strip, easy installation
  • Highly suitable in combination with underfloor heating
  • High pressure resistance to protect the click connection
  • Low construction height of only 1 mm

For the installation of laminate floors there is Whisper Grey, a 1 mm thick perforated foam underlay. Suitable for domestic and project use.

Whisper Grey has the same advantages as Whisper Black and Whisper Blue. However, Whisper Grey does not have the TÜV Rheinland label for 10dB underlays.

Installation videos