Estillon B.V.

Meet Estillon, the specialist in underlays and subfloors

With over 50 years of experience in the development, advice and production of underlay, underlay and accessories, Estillon has a leading position in the market.

Thanks to the development of various innovations, products and installation techniques, Estillon offers a complete range of subfloors / underlays for all types of floor covering. A worldwide network of agents and resellers, together with our experienced full service sales team, can be of optimum service to you. From our centrally located warehouse in Uden (NL), Estillon supplies various wholesalers, retail chains and project organizers in the Netherlands, as well as worldwide. 

Years of experience with many success stories in project design, such as hotels, casinos, theaters, cruise ships and office design, make Estillon a specialist in this area!

** Estillon does not sell to private individuals / consumers