At Estillon, we believe in the power of sports to strengthen communities and inspire individuals to grow and achieve. That is why we are proud to sponsor several (local) sports initiatives that showcase their best, both locally and nationally.

Estillon is proud main sponsor of Estillon TTV Maashorst. This year’s table tennis team is making a serious push for the national championship! We are immensely proud to support their journey to the championship. With their commitment, skills and determination, the players of Estillon TTV Maashorst have really got us cheering!

We not only support our table tennis team in the race to the national championship, but we also sponsor the local 1st field hockey team of Field hockey Club Uden! These enthusiastic girls are incredibly motivated to get the best out of themselves.

And let’s make it Estillon Padel Summer Tournament Don’t forget! Padel, with its unique blend of tennis and squash, brings together enthusiastic players for a challenging and entertaining event. Estillon sponsored this tournament in 2022 and 2023.


Local community

By supporting local sports through sponsorship, we do our part to create a healthy and close-knit community. We are excited to have a positive impact on the sports community and look forward to the successes our sponsored teams and events will achieve.

Tafeltennisvereniging Maashorts
Hockey Dames 1 Uden