Meet Floorfixx, our system flooring range. This rapid leveling system is specially designed to significantly reduce the installation time of a new floor.

Very convenient, of course, given the labor shortage and customers who have little time for having a new floor installed!

What is Floorfixx?

Floorfixx is the system flooring for under linoleum, sprung vinyl, LVT, LVT click, carpet, carpet tiles and parquet flooring.

You save a lot of time compared to wet leveling. And with these system floors, you can easily create an insulating and level underlay at the same time. The underlay is also immediately loadable because you don't have to deal with drying and waiting times.

And as if this were not enough, Floorfixx system floors insulate impact sound. In fact, the entire range meets the 10 dB standard as established by the Owners Association.

Always install subfloors in conjunction with a vapor/moisture barrier

The Floorfixx range consists of 5 different variants

For example, Floorfixx Fini and Floorfixx Smart are ideal for domestic or light project applications. Both system floors install quickly and easily thanks to the self-adhesive lip-weld connection. In which small unevenness in the base floor is also taken care of.

For a floating installation of Vinyl, LVT click or carpet tiles choose the Floorfixx Fini.

And do you want to glue LVT? Then choose the Floorfixx Smart.

For heavier loads, we have the Floorfixx regular and Floorfixx comfort in our product range.
These are ideally suited for renovating poor base floors. And guarantee a tight, flat base and level out unevenness of up to 3 mm.

For "heavy traffic" projects, there is the Floorfixx comfort. Extremely suitable for floor heating and floor cooling, thanks to its low thermal resistance.

All of our Floorfixx system floors are quick and easy to install. But the absolute champion is the Floorfixx optimum.
In fact, thanks to a unique adhesive layer, traditional glue is no longer needed. In practice, this means huge savings in both time and money. You combine the Floorfixx optimum with LVT dryback strips and tiles.

Advantages of Floorfixx subfloors

  • Quick leveling system
  • Instantly ready for your floor finish
  • Creates a sleek flat base for your installation
  • Insulates impact sound

Why floor leveling from Estillon?

  • You can use subfloors to create a high quality, flat, stable and permanently dry base floor
  • Meeting a noise requirement
  • Underlays extend the life of your flooring
  • Underlays offer extra luxury and comfort