The right underlay for every floor

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The right underlay for every floor

Winter is just around the corner and we are increasingly getting the question;
What underlay will keep the heat in your home? Also, questions about underfloor heating are increasing, one of the most frequently asked question is

What is the right underlay in combination with underfloor heating?
Two questions with completely different answers.

Floor heating?
Low R-value necessary!

For the highest efficiency from underfloor heating, it is important to combine the top floor with the right underlay. It’s all about thermal resistance. The thermal resistance of floors and underlays is expressed as a so-called R-value. The lower the R-value, the easier heat passes through the material. You can calculate whether a combination is suitable by adding up the thermal resistances (R-values) of any screed, underlay and top floor.

Will the R-value be higher than recommended? Then too much heat is blocked, this has consequences for the heating time and an unnecessary loss of energy. It is then advisable to choose a different combination.

Keep the heat in the house.
Heat insulating underlays!

No floor heating but still want to keep the heat in the house? Then we recommend a heat-insulating underlay, these ensure that the heat stays inside longer. Insulating underlays have a high R-value and are therefore best suited to optimally retain heat and block cold.

So: don’t have underfloor heating and want to retain heat in the home longer? Then choose a heat-insulating underlay with a high R-value. This not only saves on energy bills, but also increases living comfort.

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