Subfloors for rugs

Rugs and carpets bring warmth and character to living environments. We also see them more and more often in companies. But there is nothing more annoying than for it to shift unexpectedly. Or even worse, that someone trips over it because a corner is turned.

To prevent these problems, we offer a good and easy solution; an anti-slip underlay carpet.

  • The benefits of anti-slip underlayment
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • 100% recyclable
  • Long life span of rug and carpet

Estillon’s anti-slip underlays are available in many varieties. These are Luxerton Standard, Luxerton Supreme, Luxerton Superior, Universal Stop and Anti-slip PES felt.


An additional advantage is that the carpet is also much easier to vacuum if it has an anti-slip underlay!

When choosing an (under)floor, always ask a specialist. And/or contact our customer service. That way you will always make the right choice.