Underlays for
LVT floors

LVT flooring is very popular. First, the floors look just like real wood or stone and are easy to lay. Second, they are made of plastic material that is low maintenance. And third, they are soundproof and moisture resistant. We have a collection of underlays for LVT for these floors. These ensure that the LVT floor remains in top condition.

System floors

For example, you can choose from the Floorfixx range (optimum, smart, comfort and regular). These system subfloors provide a new, insulating, level and immediately loadable subfloor. Easy to install.

Carpet underlays

In addition to the system floors, we also have roller products. Provided with a self-adhesive top layer. Or to which you can glue directly. For gluing there are the Black Uni underlays (with and without Bfl certificate). These have an acoustic underlay with very good sound insulation values. You can also choose the all-rounder Duralay LVT Multi-fit.

When going for simplicity, one can choose the self-adhesive underlay Duralay LVT Dryback. These underlays are easy to install in combination with a LVT floor. Without using glue!

Which underlays are suitable?

  • Systemfloors: Floorfixx range (optimum, smart, comfort and regular)
  • Underlays: Black Uni (with and without Bfl-certificate) or Duralay LVT Multi-fit
  • Underlays without gluing: Solidbase SK or Duralay LVT Dryback


Depending on your needs, there are several options of underlays/ rugs for LVT floors. Always get informed about which underlay is best for your project. Call or email our customer service or ask your flooring specialist.